As one of the "guys" in our business, allow me to introduce the two of us. My name is Kenny, and I am the owner here.  My husband Matthew, is my "partner in crime" here at the shop.  With his twenty-five years of experience in the ceramic industry, the transition to porcelain arts has been a natural progression. Not long after we met, Matthew introduced me to the joy of casting ceramics.  I was completely enamored of how beautiful things could come from gallons of "mud".  Then, the move to porcelain dolls, again, began with Matthew.  He has always had a fondness for the Grandma and Grandpa dolls from Specialty Molds, after having made a ceramic pair for his grandmother in the mid 1990's.  After finding molds for those dolls, as well as the discovery of an article about them in a popular doll magazine, they were created in porcelain, and the love story began. Matthew was later smitten with Vivien [Leigh] from Vicki's Original Designs and totally hooked on the lovely lady dolls. I'm along for the ride, of course, but soon found that I, too, am equally in love with the joy of porcelain dolls.  As if by fate, we found a wonderful doll artist, in Kentucky, who was retiring and selling the entire contents of her studio, molds included. We took the ten hour trip to purchase everything, then spent the next several months sorting and cataloging hundreds of molds.  Along the way, we have mastered casting, cleaning, firing and many other aspects of creating beautiful porcelain dolls.  And as they say, the rest is history!  We hope you'll join us in this amazing, creative, intoxicating hobby! 

In addition to the many dolls we have, we also have hundreds of ceramic molds. We have molds from all major companies and many that have been discontinued for years. We carry molds from makers such as Clay Magic, Scioto, Byron, Duncan, Dona’s, Atlantic, and many more. We are always trying to update our site and include all new dolls and ceramic pieces we have to offer. If there is something we do not have on the site yet and you are interested in, please contact us at and we will see if we have it. Contact us anytime should you have any questions prior to ordering or just want to say hello! We love to hear from everyone. 

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